The End is a Beginning for six small towns

Two years of Small Town Transformations is drawing to a close. A bittersweet moment where amazingly ambitious work in each of the six towns has been developed and delivered, and at the same time presenting an opportunity to transform into an exciting, creative future.

Each project continues to grow and exceed their original ambition, with viable legacy and future creative growth. Local capacity – expertise, experience and connections – has been tangibly increased within each project. Forward thinking conversations and frameworks for succession planning and sharing of ongoing responsibilities with a wider group are underway.

The legacy of each project is evident and future work is being planned in all six towns as the projects reach completion.

Many stories have been discovered, shared and continue to be written. This opportunity for collaboration has harnessed the power to transform; to enrich people’s lives, strengthen community connections, increase economic possibilities and present opportunities for greater access and inclusion.

Creative communities are alive and well across Australia, making inspiring work with often limited resources. Small Town Transformations was a catalyst for extending this by facilitating opportunities for growth, capacity building and for the all-important inspiration to flow.

The opportunity has been well and truly seized.

Small Town Transformations is an Australian Government initiative administered by Regional Arts Victoria, supporting ambitious creative projects that transform communities and create lasting legacies of local artistic leadership.