Post #8: Nearly there

As we enter the final week and the final blog post of this phase we will briefly address the mechanics of finalising your application.

Firstly, we’re here to help – don’t struggle, call us -  find our contact details here.

  • Ensure you have confirmed all your eligibility criteria against the Application Handbook and relevant blog posts including lead applicant eligibility, town eligibility and partnerships.
  • Ensure you have all the latest Application Documents - click here to check.
  • Please observe word counts
  • Please observe the document labelling convention and file size limitation as described in the 'Lodgement' section of the Expression of Interest form
  • Do not send your submission in multiple e-mails – please submit one email only with all attachments
  • Applications MUST be received before midday on Monday February 29 – late applications cannot be accepted

Application Tips

As your application nears completion you may find you want to explain more about your project. That’s understandable – however, as we anticipate a high number of applications it is important that the supplied format is used. That way all applications are comparable and the selection panel are able to spend equal amounts of time considering each. Rest assured that the panel are highly qualified to interpret not only your descriptions but also your timetable and budget data. We and they will thank you for keeping within the guidelines!

Here are a couple of tips to help with efficiency:

  • Draft all your text in Word (or other word processing application) first – you’ll find it easier to edit there. Check your word count and then copy/paste into the Expression of Interest form.
  • All the text boxes in the application form are scrollable – if you do not see all your text don’t worry, click on the text box and scroll down.
  • Use the budget template supplied only – there are options to enter a small number of your own cost lines but, underlining that this is an Expression of Interest, we are looking for a top line budget only – refer to blog post #7: Building Your Budget.
  • Use the budget lines as totals – for example, in-kind contributions from partners only need to be totaled in one entry.
  • Complete your form ahead of time – perhaps even email yourselves in advance of submission to ensure that no problems are encountered.
  • You may include external links in your application but not as a substitute for explanation – your responses must be able to be read and understood without them. An example might be linking to the work of a particular artist.

On submission you will receive a confirmation email - contact us as soon as possible if you have not received this confirmation within 24 hours.

The team at Regional Arts Victoria wish you all the best in these final stages!