Below you will find a range of tools designed to assist you with promoting and planning your Small Town Transformations. If you have any questions regarding these tools, or any suggestions of more tools that you would find useful, contact Graham Coffey ( or Will McRostie (


  • How to make a marketing toolkit - Create a one-stop-shop for all marketing and publicity related material about your project. 
  • How to write a media release - A set of tips for writing the best media release to get your work out to the public.

  • Know Your Audience - Knowing who your audience is – or who you want it to be – is integral to the success of your event or organisation. This guide will help you streamline your marketing strategies to reach the right people.

  • Choosing the right social media platform - New technology can be overwhelming, but your social media experience doesn’t need to be! Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of the big social platforms for your project or organisation.

  • Understanding Copyright - An introduction to Australian Copyright law and links through to some key resources by the Australian Copyright Council. 


  • Photo Subject Release Form - use this form when you photograph people for promotional purposes. Keep a copy for yourself, provide a copy for the person being photographed, and send a copy to Regional Arts Victoria.
  • Copyright Licensing Release Form - use this form when you wish to reproduce an artwork or image for promotional purposes. Keep a copy for yourself, provide a copy for the person being photographed, and send a copy to Regional Arts Victoria.
  • Notification of photographs at public events - use this document when you are taking photographs at an event. Print this out and display it clearly so that all people attending are aware that you may be using their image for promotional purposes, and can notify you if they do not wish to be photographed. 


  • Planning and decision-making - From agenda setting to strategic planning, this Member Resource sets out some key points to recognising and refining your planning and decision making processes.
  • Cultural protocols - Ideas for working with Indigenous Australians and Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Communities
  • Accessibility - an overview of the most common questions asked about arts & disability, and a list of questions to ask about how accessible your work is.


  • Tax-deductible gifts - The legal requirements behind offering tax-deductible gifts in return for donations, and the simpler options available.


Under development - watch this space


  • Statistics report sheet - A spreadsheet for recording monthly statistics that will form the basis for your milestone reports.


  • Evaluation manual - definitions for our evaluation metrics, a project report template and other tips about successful recording of data.



  • Arts Law Centre of Australia - Arts Law provides advice, fact sheets, resources and templates on most aspects of the law that apply to arts. Model agreements, contracts and releases are available for a host of uses such copyright, artist commission and contracting workers.
  • Volunteering in Wellington - Wellington Shire Council offers a great collection of links on volunteering in Australia.
  • Volunteering Victoria - best practice information and the most accurate source for legal and HR questions applying to volunteers under Victorian law.
  • ATO: Employee or Contractor - The distinction between a contractor and an employee is not always black and white. This online tool is the easiest way to ensure you are fulfilling your tax and super obligations to your workers.
  • ATO: Statement by Supplier not quoting an ABN - If you are paying somebody as a contractor and not withholding tax, they must either supply their Australian Business Number or provide a completed copy of this statement about their reason for not supplying an ABN.