In time small towns change – for many reasons.

It may be economic (the loss or arrival of a business), natural disaster, technology, population movement, transport changes or even the impact of war.

But every town has its families, its spirit, its humanity, its energy, and its inspiration.

And in these often overlooked attributes, small towns can be transformed too – limited only by their own dreams and creativity.

The Small Towns Transformation program invited towns to embrace transformation through the Arts.

The program’s achievements have been remarkable.

Untapped resources have been revealed. Social networks have been strengthened. Personal and collective confidence has soared. Opportunities for community growth have been accepted.

And the symbols of that change now bind those visions and proudly mark their artistic spirit.

There is no limit to the power of the Arts – visual, performance, written, musical and in every sensory “way”.

The challenge now is to consolidate, to own the transformation.

But also to understand, to stay fresh, to remain uplifting and perpetually adventurous.




Ted Baillieu
Premier of Victoria and Minister for the Arts 2010-2013