For the full selection criteria and eligibility guidelines, please download the application handbook by clicking here.

There are six key criteria against which applications will be judged:

Identified Need

Describe the need for transformation in your small town. What would you like this creative project to address? Be as specific as possible in your answer, so that the connection between the identified need and the proposed project is clear.

Artistic Transformation

How will you address this need through a transformative project of artistic excellence? What will the creative outcome be? Describe the project, the artists, and the way it will address the identified need. Clearly outline the artistic innovation in your chosen artform(s).

If your project has multiple outcomes, clearly articulate their connection to the overall vision and to one another.

Provide images (up to 3 images of under 2MB) only if they are essential to articulating the artistic transformation you have in mind. If you’re working closely with artists at this stage, provide their names and brief bios.

Local Engagement

How will the development of your project work with and inspire local artists, businesses and community members from the small town and regional Victoria?
How will you make best use of this project to strengthen local communities?

Community Participation

How will the outcome of your project encourage community participation, from the small town and more broadly across regional Victoria? You might describe the specific ways you will foster the participation of Indigenous Australians, people with a disability, and people from culturally diverse communities.

Legacy Planning

What long-term outcomes for your project are you aiming for, and how will you achieve them? Describe two or three specific, measurable outcomes in a couple of sentences each.

Project Management

What experience does the Lead Applicant and project team have in delivering projects of this scale?

• List your project planning sequence in the Indicative Timeline template. This might include the formation of your local leadership and management group, recruitment, production schedules, marketing and communications plan, securing permits, marketing delivery, presentation, construction, launch event, documentation, independent evaluation, acquittal.

• Fill in the Proposed Budget with your cash and in-kind partner contributions and the income and expenditure that you project. You must use this template. Do not attach your own. Use the budget items provided, or insert your own. Your budget must balance and you must indicate how the Small Town Transformations $350,000 will be expended.