Ouyen: Mallee Up In Lights

In the heart of Ouyen is the iconic Roxy Theatre, The Jewel of the Mallee. It’s also the central point for Ouyen’s transformation, creating a vibrant centre for the town through art, architecture and landscape for a new public space. What began as a focus on one site rapidly stimulated satellite projects that built a strong creative momentum.

A wall garden, terrazzo artworks, a historically researched performance in the hundred-year-old Ouyen Courthouse, a movie heralding the zombie apocalypse: these works are original, cross-generational, meaningful and fun. Ouyen has embraced the power of art to bring people together, with a legacy of collaboration that will carry on.

Ouyen Population: 1061

  • Artists involved: 41
  • Workshops held: 65
  • New works presented: 56
  • Total participants: 3548

For images of Mallee Up In Lights visit the Ouyen project gallery.


Video by Yarroowee Productions and David Brown Films.

Lead project artists Dimitri Nickas. Hells Heroes - Ouyen Courthouse Centenary project leader Merle Pole wiht the Ouyen and Districts History and Genealogy Centre and Ouyen Youth Film Project Leader Rose Vallance.

Ouyen gallery image credits: David Brown image 9; Fleur Ruddock image 14; Joanna Gould image 10, 12 and 13; Pia Cook title image; Tracey Lawson image 1 - 8

Project credits

Project Management Committee (cont.)

Merle Pole

Linden Johnson

Chris Monk

Dale Price

Tori Cook

Denise James

Dimitri Nickas

Elaine Bell

Ian Stacey

Leanne Dawes

Jean Cooke

Mark Wilson

Nerrida Morrish

Sue Willox

Kieran Mangan

Shelly Morrish

Project Coordinator

Jill Antonie

Local Leader

Tracey Lawson

Project Lead Artist

Dimitri Nickas

Project Management Committee

Jenny Heaslip

Jenny Grigg

Pam Nelson

Steve Vallance

Rose Vallance

Thomas Patching

Xavier Healy

Janet Lynch

Terri Scott