Neerim South: Neerim Bower - Inspired by Birds

Building a strong sense of community is what motivated Neerim South, drawing on the power of art to create meaning, identity and lasting connections across a town. While the great Bower sculpture is the project’s most recognisable artwork, its development has inspired creative projects all over Neerim South.  

Neerim South’s local artists and makers led the design and fabrication of The Bower. The transformative work has happened in the gatherings, workshops, school projects, competitions and sculpture prizes that have embedded creative collaboration into the town’s ethos. As soon as you drive through their new gateway, you know that Neerim South is a town inspired. 

Neerim South Population: 608

  • Artists involved: 120
  • Workshops held: 43
  • New works presented: 311
  • Total participants: 2999

For images of The Neerim Bower visit the Neerim South project gallery


Video by Yarroowee Productions and David Brown Films.

Bower artists Christine Cochran, Keith Graham and Phil Henshall. Sculpture prize artists Darren Sheran, Judy Holding, Yvonne George, Michael Gully, Graham Duvell, Laurie Collins, Piers Buxton, Sue Acheson, Colleen Bright, Darren Nibbs, Don Barrett, David Doyle and Andrew Kasper.

Neerim South image credits: Daryl Whitaker title image; David Brown image 6; Esther Anatolitis 8; Jessie Mclennan image 5; Joanna Gould image 10, Keith Graham 7, Mark Long images 1 -2; Natalie Fisher 9, Pia Cook image 4; Ray Childs image 3; Ruth Burleigh image 11

Project credits

Artists and Project Team

Christine Cochran

Keith Graham

Phil Henshall

Laurie Collins

Kerrie Warren

Judy Mackintosh

Project Coordinators

Neville Cousins 

Mark Long

Phillipa Beeson

Construction Manager

Ray Childs