Avoca: The Garden of Fire and Water

Connecting history, community and a sense of place was essential to Avoca’s transformation. In collaboration with landscapers, historians and artists, a garden has been created celebrating Avoca’s Chinese heritage. The Garden of Fire and Water speaks to more than just the history of the area; it has started a broader discussion in the small community about inclusivity and cultural legacy.

Every element of the garden has been carefully considered, from the wood used in the pavilion, to the beautiful Scholar Rock by Chinese Australian artist Lindy Lee. It has become a place of quiet contemplation and cross-cultural understanding in the town.

Avoca Population: 951

  • Artists involved: 28
  • Workshops held: 8
  • New works presented: 13
  • Total participants: 2265

For images of The Garden of Fire and Water visit the Avoca project gallery.

Video by Yarroowee Productions and David Brown Films.

Artistic Director Lyndal Jones, Lead Artist Lindy Lee and Landscape Architect and Project Manager Mel Ogden.

Avoca gallery image credits: Brie Trenerry and Polly Stanton image 13; David Brown images 14 and 15; Elizabeth Teal image 4; Jane Howe images 1, 2 and 7; Joanna Gould images 5, 6 and 9 - 12; Lyndal Jones image 8; Margaret Pilgrim: Title image and images 3, 17, 18 and 19; Mel Ogden image 20.

Project credits

Artistic Director

Lyndal Jones

Lead Artist

Lindy Lee

Landscape Architect and Project Manager

Mel Ogden

Soil Expert and Plantsman

Martin Wynne

Launch Director

Margie Mackay


Jennifer Ganske

Avoca Chinese Garden Association Committee

Jane Howe

Lyndal Jones

Martin Wynne

Jennifer Ganske

Michelle Wilson

Elizabeth Teal

Margaret Pilgrim

Deborah Hicks

Vicki Burge

John Quinn