Dookie: Dookie Earthed

Something started to stir in Dookie in early 2013. A key creative group saw potential in the places and people of the town to create something excellent. What started with an idea for a majestic but hidden quarry grew into an artistic project that touched every member of the community.

With active participation across Dookie and far further afield, creative gatherings transformed the town. The biggest of these was the 12-hour festival Dookie Earthed, a stunning critical mass that overtook the town with street works, opera on silos, children’s performances, and an unforgettable evening of sound and light works in the quarry. Dookie Earthed lives on through the Dookie Arts Hub, a dedicated art space that will create many a future project and keep the Dookie creative vision alive. 

Dookie Population: 286

  • Artists involved: 116
  • Workshops held: 110
  • New works presented: 85
  • Total participants: 7897

For images of Dookie Earthed visit the Dookie project gallery.


Video by Yarroowee Productions and David Brown Films.

Artistic Director Helen Kelly, Lead Artists Andrew Sands, Ian Pidd, Jillian Pearce, Dave Jones, Russell Goldsmith, Janie Christophersen, Liz Evans, Serana Hunt, Debra Clemson. Opera Singer - Isabel Hertaeg.


Dookie gallery image credits: Joanna Gould images 3 and 11; Pia Cook title image; Serana Hunt images 1 - 2 and 4 - 10

Project credits

Lead Artists

Andrew Sands

Ian Pidd

Jillian Pearce

Dave Jones

Russell Goldsmith

Janie Christophersen

Liz Evans

Serana Hunt

Debra Clemson

Dookie Arts Committee

Alice Tallis

Serana Hunt

Leiticia Harmer

Janie Christophersen

Andrew Sands

Artistic Director

Helen Kelly

Project Managers

Carrie Donaldson

Graham Coffey

Serana Hunt