Natimuk: The Verj

A strong artistic community inspires the town of Natimuk, from the adventurous climbers of Mt Arapiles to the collaborators on Nati Frinj festival. It was this group who originally saw the creative possibilities in the median strip in the centre of town. Working with artists and town residents, the aim was to create a new space that was inclusive, social and imaginative.

The entire Natimuk community shaped the project as a whole, creating a gathering place on the verge that includes a communal table and play spaces, as well as a striking centrepiece: The Thing. This enormous sculpture needs your arms and legs to power it, and as it lights up, it focuses Natimuk’s new place for gathering and creativity.

Natimuk Population: 449

  • Artists involved: 34
  • Workshops held: 83
  • New works presented: 41
  • Total participants: 3261

For images of The Verj visit the Natimuk project gallery.



Video by Yarroowee Productions and David Brown Films.

Artists Mary French, Dave Jones, Sam Deal, Melissa Powell, Eve Barnes, Pauline Barnes, Kane Hendy and Felicity Brown.

Natimuk gallery image credits: Carolynne Hamdorf image 3; Dave Jones title image and images 8 - 10; Joanna Gould image 1, 6 and 11; Pia Cook images 2, 4, 5 and 7.

Project credits

Project Artists

Mary French

Dave Jones

Sam Deal

Melissa Powell

Eve Barnes

Pauline Barnes

Kane Hendy

Felicity Brown

Project Coordinator

Carolynne Hamdorf

Project Reference Group

Martin Bride

Ellen Panozzo

Chris Phelan

Lynne Quick

Jess Gardner

Melissa Morris

John Martin

Rob Moir

Carolynne Hamdorf